BioXpert 2.9

It is a software tool to control bio-processes and to store the process data
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BioXpert is a software tool to control bio-processes and to store the process data. The software is designed specifically for biotech researchers and operators in the production environment.
The logi­cal structure of the program and the user-friendly interface allows the program to be used by anyone. That is why over 1,000 packages of our BioXpert software are in use worldwide.

The software is easy to operate and has extensive functionality for monitoring, collecting and storing data and controlling processes. This allows any bioprocess to be easily optimized and controlled using Applikon software.

Various BioXpert versions have been developed based on international standards for use in either research and pilot plant or production environ­ments. BioXpert Lite is designed for data collection, data storage and data presentation.

The research version (BioXpert 2) offers maximum flexibility to set up and to modify processes. The pilot plant and production version (BioXpert XP) focuses on process repeatability and data security.

BioXpert is installed on a PC that can be part of a local network. Data from sensors and actuators is read by BioXpert from the local controllers and stored in the database. The data can be used for advanced process control in BioXpert .

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